Eve Love Sassy Breastpump


The Eve Love Sassy Breastpump is our latest HEAVY DUTY Single, Electric Breastpump.

Eve Love Sassy Breastpump special features

1. Lightweight & Portable

2. Efficiently Empty Breasts with Strong yet Comfortable Suction

3. Anti-Backflow Mechanism

4. Very Minimal Sound Level

5. LCD with Backlight while pumping showing Time, Suction Speed, Suction Level and Pumping Mode

6. Silicon Shield for Comfort while Pumping

7. Dual Phase Expression which mimics baby’s natural sucking rhythm

8. Dual Power Source (Using 4 pc 1.5V AA Batteries or Adaptor)

9. BPA free parts

Warranty is valid from 1 year of purchase for pump motor (following the Terms & Conditions as in the Warranty Card).

Eve Love Sassy Breastpump Video

Harga Promosi / Price Eve Love Sassy Breastpump:

S/M : RM279.00 /Set | S/S: RM 280 /Set

(Postage= + RM25)


-> [Paypal: xs3code@gmail.com ]

Or Call/SMS/Whatsapp: 0178773678


For international order from Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand etc, please PM/ Whatsapp/ SMS/ Email me first. The price would be slightly different based on your location and quantity.

Formulasi produk ini adalah untuk kesihatan menyeluruh. Walaubagaimanapun ianya TIDAK BERTUJUAN UNTUK MERAWAT, MENYEMBUHKAN SEBARANG PENYAKIT. Individu yang dinyatakan memperoleh faedah dan manfaat yang hebat. Setiap individu berbeza, maka kesannya juga akan berbeza. Sila rujuk dan berbincang dengan doktor anda.

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